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If you've been looking for a writer or editor/proofreader with reasonable prices, you need look no further. At Quill, you deal directly with us, so there are no intermediaries taking a cut or charging additional fees. Our low overheads also enable us to provide a quality service at affordable rates.

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Why are spelling and grammar important?

In all walks of life, we are increasingly judged on our use of spelling and grammar. This is especially true of businesses and professionals, because it reflects competence and attention to detail. People have also grown wary of phishing and scam sites, and they frequently see poor English as reason to not trust a website. Charles Duncombe, a British internet entrepreneur, once pointed out that a single spelling mistake can cut sales in half.

Even if you are merely trying to promote a brand or product, content will only be effective if it's free from errors and engaging. You only have a short time to catch the attention of consumers, and an obvious spelling error can ruin your chances from the start. While you might be able to buy content cheaply, you may end up losing more in the long term.

Content marketing

You may have heard that content marketing is a new, forward-thinking way to reach out to customers. Many businesses, both big and small, are already using content marketing to build market share, simply because it works.

We can get you started in the world of content marketing.