Proofreading and Editing

Do you know what a dangling participle or a misplaced modifier is? Do you know when to use a comma? Or when to use a semicolon? Are you concerned about run-on sentences or comma splices? Do you worry whether you're using the right word, or maybe just not expressing yourself well enough?

If you answered yes to some of the above questions, you can probably benefit from our proofing and editing service. Imperfect English is often difficult to read and leaves a bad impression. In business, it can look unprofessional and deter potential customers and partners. At college and university, it can lead to lower grades, especially if you struggle to express your ideas.


Proofreading is checking a document for the presence of spelling and grammatical errors. For one of the lowest rates you will find, we will scan your document for the numerous possible errors and replace them with polished, fluent English. This alone will give your documents a more professional finish.


Editing goes beyond mere proofreading. As well as looking for clear-cut spelling and grammatical errors, we also identify any awkward sentences, inappropriate word choices, and repetitive content. By improving word choice and sentence structure, we can help you to express yourself better. We may even give feedback and make suggestions about how you could make further improvements.

Not a Native English Speaker?

As with most languages, the finer points of English grammar can be difficult for nonnative speakers to get to grips with. We can help you overcome this barrier. All our editors are native English speakers with extensive experience in dealing with documents from customers that speak English as a second language (ESL).

What file formats and English variants do you support?

We are experienced in both U.S. and British English, and we can even convert from one to another if you desire. We currently support documents in Microsoft Word and Open Office formats.

What if I disagree with changes?

We perform all our editing using the track changes feature of Word and Open Office. This enables you to see exactly what we have changed in the document and revert individual changes if you feel it necessary.

Comparison with large-scale services

You may have seen large-scale services that offer guaranteed turn-around times, but these deprive you of a personal connection to your editor. Did you know that some of these services split your document into chunks, sometimes as small as a single page, before allocating them to a pool of editors? While there’s no denying the efficiency of this approach, it deprives you of the larger understanding that an editor gains when working on an entire document. It also makes it impossible to communicate with the editor later if you revise the same document.


Our basic service is a line editing service, which means we will correct grammatical and spelling errors, as well as improve word choice and sentence structure for clarity. We charge based on the number of editable words in the document. Images and other non-editable content is not included. Try the calculator below; you will find our rates to be very competitive.

Number of words
Our rates, per every 100 words
UK £0.60
EU €0.70
US $1.00

Advanced Editing

If you require additional elements in the editorial process, such as structural editing or fact checking, contact us for a quote based on your requirements.

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Why use a proofreading service?

  • Get better grades on school and college assignments.
  • Present a more professional business image.
  • If you're an amateur author, why not have your book checked?
  • Foreign student? Overcome the language barrier.
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