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Proofreading and Editing

Do you sometimes wonder whether you need to use a comma or a semicolon? Have you ever been accused of using run-on sentences or comma splices? Maybe you just sometimes struggle to find the right word. Perhaps you are confident in your writing ability but just want a second pair of eyes to look for any slipups.

If any of this sounds familiar, you will be glad to learn that you are not alone. This is where our proofreading and editing service can help. Clear and correct English text is much easier for people to read and leaves a better impression. In business, good writing reflects your professionalism and attention to detail. At college and university, expressing yourself clearly and correctly in your submissions is essential to getting the best possible grades.


Proofreading involves checking a document for spelling and grammatical errors. For one of the lowest rates around, we check your documents for a multitude of possible errors and correct them accordingly. This alone will give your documents a more professional finish, but this isn't where we stop...


Editing goes beyond mere proofreading, because we also look to further improve your text by addressing awkward sentences, inappropriate word choices, and repetitive content, thus helping you to better get your message across. Where appropriate, we will also give feedback and make suggestions about how you could enhance the content of your document further.

As with any language, the finer aspects of English grammar can be especially difficult for non-native speakers to get to grips with, but we have extensive experience in dealing with work from customers who speak English as a second language.

What else should you know?

We are adept with both British and US English. We work primarily with Microsoft Word, but we're open to handling documents in other formats. All editing takes advantage of the track changes feature of Word, enabling you to see exactly what changes have been made and giving you the option to revert individual changes should you disagree with them.

Note that if you have a tough deadline to meet, you'll probably want to tell us in advance when to expect your document, so you can continue working in the meantime safe in the knowledge that we will be ready for you.

How do we compare with large-scale services?

You may have seen some services that offer fast guaranteed turnaround times, but these frequently deprive you of a personal connection with your editor and prevent any discussion should any further revisions are needed. Worse still, some of these services split documents into chunks, sometimes as small as a single page, and allocate them to multiple editors. This prevents those editors from gaining a wider understanding of a document's context.


Our base service is a copy editing service, which means we will correct grammatical and spelling errors and improve aspects like word choice and sentence structure for clarity. We charge based on the number of editable words in the document, so images and other non-editable content are not included. We can also exclude editable portions of documents, such as bibliographies or already edited text, from the process. Use the calculator below to see how competitive our rates are.

Number of words

Our rates, per 1,000 words
UK £7
EU €8
US $10

Advanced editing

You may require services beyond just copy editing, such as structural editing or fact checking. If so, contact us with your requirements, and we'll provide a bespoke quote.