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Have you had rejections for plagiarism?

To ensure the originality of content, the review process for periodicals and conference proceedings often involves a routine automated check for any similarities in the text with existing published works. If the percentage score from this goes above a set threshold, say 15%, a submission is generally returned to the authors for revision or perhaps rejected outright.

While actual plagiarism is never acceptable, it can be sometimes difficult to stay below this threshold for a number of reasons. For example, you may have correctly cited the findings of a previous study but perhapsexpressed them in a way that is too similar to the original. You may also have portions of text that are shared with your own previous publications, but you find it hard to express these concepts in a varied manner.

What can we do?

Paraphrasing is the practice of taking previously published ideas and restating them in your own words. Published authors often prefer this to directly quoting the original work because it allows them to summarize and synthesize information, so the text flows more naturally. Most importantly, as long as the original work is appropriately cited, it cannot be regarded as plagiarism.

We can help here by rewriting key portions of text to avoid them falling foul of similarity checks. To identify the relevant portions of text, we either need a report from a similarity checker like Turnitin (which you must provide) or highlights in the document itself to indicate what needs rewriting.

Of course, it goes without saying that paraphrased text will be of the same high quality as with our editing and writing services.

Can this be combined with editing?

Yes, if you need a document partly paraphrased but otherwise just edited, we can do that. We'll simply charge the paraphrasing rate for the relevant text and the editing rate for the remainder of the text.


Paraphrasing inevitably involves more work than proofreading and editing because every item needs to be rewritten. Use the calculator below to get an idea of what this will cost. Note that the number of words relates to the text to be paraphrased rather than the entire document.

Number of words

Our rates, per 1,000 words
UK £20
EU €22
US $25