Published Work and Testimonials

Published Work


Fitness in Soccer: The Science and Practical Application (Copy editor and proofreader)

by Van Winckel J, Tenney D, Helsen W, McMillan K, Meert JP, Bradley P (February 2014)

Publisher: Moveo Ergo Sum / Leuven. ISBN: 9789082132304

Maximum: Are You Ready For The Change? (Copy editor)

by Oner Doser (January 2013)

Publisher: derKi Publications

War Diary From Brussels: Just Three Weeks to Baghdad Paperback (Copy editor)
by I I Herceg H (Author) (February 2014)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1482643411

Final Mystery of Medjugorje: The Time of New Times (Copy editor)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1477639306

How to Find Your Soul Mate (Copy editor)

by Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas (January 2013)

Publisher: derKi Publications


The Wise Magazine (Copy editor, Issue 5 to current)

A bi-monthly magazine focussing on spiritual matters and featuring contributions from some of Turkey’s leading experts in the field.



"As a soccer coach and sports scientist, writing is not my strongest asset. As an author I struggled to write down my philosophy, and as a book editor, I experienced problems merging the different texts and revisions. Luckily I met Jim, who gave the book a facelift and was able to make the book easier to read. I would recommend his services to everybody. Jim is a true professional." — Jan Van Winckel, Saudi Arabia/Belgium

"Jim, thank you. I cannot cover what you have helped do with this story. I wouldn't trust anyone else, as I have come to trust you with my simple romance stories. What can I say, you work miracles." Christine K., Greece

“I am checking the version with changes: I can just say I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for the corrections and the inputs.I have six months of fieldwork waiting for me in my near future, but afterwards I will contact you again, my texts need your red ink.” — JE, Germany

“Thanks for sending me the edited version. I've just read through and have to say that I am deeply impressed. You did an incredible job, and I am more than pleased with the results—thank you so much!” — RB, Germany

Thank you, I am very satisfied with your proofreading.” — IF, Belgium

“...thank you for helping me with my dissertation...deeply appreciate it.”—C, UK


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