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Which, that, and who

Something I often see while editing is confusion about when to use which, that, and who or whether to have a comma before it or not. Like most things in English, there are nuances that muddy the water, but here’s … Continue reading

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Should I use affect or effect?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Because these two words are so similar in spelling and meaning, many people slip up and use the wrong one. While there is a simple rule, there’s also exceptions that confuse some (especially … Continue reading

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The Wise Magazine

For one of the first posts here, I’d like to give a mention to the The Wise, a bi-monthly,¬†metaphysically-oriented magazine that I’ve been working on as the English editor for some months now. The Wise is the English version of … Continue reading

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Introducing the Quill Content Blog

We’ve been offering services at Quill Content for over a year now, and we’d like to thank everyone that choose Quill Content for their editing and content needs. We hope your faith in us has been justified.   To celebrate, … Continue reading

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