Do Spelling and Grammar Matter in Web Content?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has traditionally relied on quantity rather than quality to get as many backlinks as possible. This resulted in low-quality texts being used, with these often being cheaply provided by non-native English writers in countries such as India and the Philippines. To cuts costs further, these texts were then often “spun” into various versions by switching words for synonyms at several places. The resulting content tended to be of little or no value to an actual person, but it served the purpose of generating backlinks for a primary website.

The search engines have evolved, though, and backlinks are becoming less effective, at least unless they come from high-quality websites. Sites like Google also now consider the experience a website gives its visitors, and spelling and grammar is a part of this. What’s more, studies have revealed that many people, even the “lol” generation, do notice spelling and grammatical errors. Such mistakes can make your website look unprofessional and hurt its credibility. In 2011 for example, online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe pointed out how a single spelling error halved online sales for a tights website.

This is why it’s important to always source your content from a reliable source. Like with many other things in life, you get what you pay for, and hiring a talented writer will likely provide better value in the long term. If you’ve already published content online, and you suspect it may be less than perfect, it’s not too late to get it proofread and edited.

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The Wise Issue 14 Out Now

The July 2013 edition of The Wise is now available. This issue’s cover article is “The Nature of Conciousness,” but there’s many more great articles also included. As usual, head over to or to subscribe to the kindle edition of the magazine.

Alternatively, head over to The Wise website and read older issues and other articles for free.

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The Wise Issue 12 Out Now

Issue 12 of The Wise magazine hit the virtual shelves on March 15. This issue’s cover story discusses the presence of “immortals” among us and speculates on how we may see more people with supernatural powers in the not-too-distant future.

As usual, you can subscribe to The Wise through Amazon’s USA or UK web site for a very reasonable price.


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The Wise Issue 10 Available

The time has come for the bi-monthly issue of The Wise  (issue 10). The magazine will be dealing with the nature of God this time, as well as discussing whether the ancient gods of myth are really just mythical…

As usual, you can subscribe to the magazine at or for a very reasonable price. A 30-day risk free trial is also available.

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The Wise Issue 9 Available

Just a quick note to let you all know that The Wise  issue 9 is out now. The theme for this issue is supernatural abilities.

Head over to or to subscribe.

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Which, that, and who

Something I often see while editing is confusion about when to use which, that, and who or whether to have a comma before it or not. Like most things in English, there are nuances that muddy the water, but here’s some simple tips.

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Should I use affect or effect?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Because these two words are so similar in spelling and meaning, many people slip up and use the wrong one. While there is a simple rule, there’s also exceptions that confuse some (especially non-native) writers further.
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The Wise Magazine

For one of the first posts here, I’d like to give a mention to the The Wise, a bi-monthly, metaphysically-oriented magazine that I’ve been working on as the English editor for some months now.

The Wise is the English version of the national Turkish magazine, and it aims to help people on their quests for self-discovery by providing content-rich articles from some of Turkey’s leading writers on spiritually-focused matters. Continue reading

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Introducing the Quill Content Blog

We’ve been offering services at Quill Content for over a year now, and we’d like to thank everyone that choose Quill Content for their editing and content needs. We hope your faith in us has been justified.


To celebrate, I’d like to introduce our new blog. On here, as well as company announcements, I’ll also be discussing issues concerning grammatical pitfalls and writing style. I would also like (with their consent) to link to customers’ pages that we’ve helped develop at Quill Content. If you’re an existing customer, or planning to become one, let me know, and I’ll be happy to give you a mention as long as it’s clean!


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